Wedding on a boat in the 5 terre, Liguria

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Wedding on boat in 5 terre, Italy, with our sailing trips

A wedding on a boat, surrounded by all the loved ones, against the backdrop of the Cinque Terre beaten by the light of the sunset: a daydream that can become reality if you decide to enjoy the services of Sailing 5 Terre and the possibilities that the agency offers with his flagship.

Living the sea and inserting it into one’s daily life is an emotion that few people are able to explore in its fullest and those who have had the opportunity to go on boat trips and enjoy the wind on the skin and the sun illuminating their path aren’t able to forget what they felt while living this wonderful experience. Organizing a wedding on a boat can make one of the most important day in the life of a couple a truly special occasion.

One should not think about this possibility as something to absurd to happen or possible only in movies and dreams: even here in Italy it is possible to organize such a special event: you just have to rely on the right people, such as the Sailing 5 Terre agency. After all, the boat is the perfect location if you want to create an unforgettable ceremony and take breathtaking photos as an indelible memory of the moment. If then, as in this case, the background is represented by the Cinque Terre and everything acquires a greater value: we should not forget that we are talking about a territory protected by a Natural Park and part of the Unesco World Heritage Sites.

Organizing a wedding on a boat allows the spouses to experience their magical moment in the style that most pleases them: the scenery given by the surrounding nature and the waves gently lapping the boat are perfect for any kind of ceremony the couple wants to give life to. It can be sporty, romantic, cheerful: every desire can be fulfilled with a perfect organization, making it all pure magic. As much as you can manage to decorate a church or a commune of flowers, nothing can compare with the beauty of the lights that reflect on the waves of the sea with glimpses of the Palmaria Island or of Portovenere.

Wedding on a boat with Sailing 5 terre. A new experience

You do not have to see the wedding on a boat as something too expensive and unattainable: it is one of the most aesthetically and technically most exciting solutions a couple can organize. Otherwise when is it possible to feel the wind breeze on the skin and enjoy the presence of the marvelous and exclusive marine fauna in the area? Sailing 5 Terre is specialized in renting its flagship boat for this type of ceremonies. The experience gathered over the years allows it to propose to couples who want to marry on the sea an unforgettable adventure from every point of view, thanks to several customized solutions based on the needs of the potential customer.

We should not forget that it offers for the ceremony a luxury boat equipped with Wi-Fi and any comfort, also meeting the economic needs of the couple offering a payment divided into two parts: a first 50%, in fact, of the total amount has to be paid at the time of booking, while the remaining part can be easily granted 30 days before the wedding. Organizing the entire ceremony, with the direct support of the agency, will be really simple and free of problems: it will do all it takes to make sure that everything will go as planned and that each participant could have a magnificent and indelible memory of the experience.

A wedding on a boat? An unforgettable day whose organization will also be facilitated by the catering service provided by Sailing 5 Terre: nothing is impossible if you really want it. And in this case, after the ceremony, the married couple can start their honeymoon: the agency is in fact specialized in offering Honeymoon trips on the sea, equipped with all comforts and designed to respond to any need. The comfort of the cabins, the privacy that you can get and the services always over the top are something unique.

The beauty of the Cinque Terre is a perfect backdrop for any romance: and it is even more so for a wedding ceremony and a honeymoon. Don’t be afraid to dream and simply stretch your hands and make the dream come true. The yes day for a couple in love is unforgettable: Sailing 5 Terre can help make it even more magical.

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