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Reach wonderful Palmaria Island with boat trip

An unforgettable holiday to live in the nature and surrounded by the sea: the Palmaria Island, part of the municipality of Portovenere, is a small paradise waiting to be savored on the western end of the Gulf of La Spezia. It is the largest of the formations of the La Spezia archipelago and part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites along with the Cinque Terre.

Its morphology is extremely fascinating: its triangular shape has, on the sides overlooking the Gulf of La Spezia and Portovenere, the beautiful lands typical of the Mediterranean maquis that gently descend to the shore, while on the side facing the open sea there are magnificent peaks characterized by caves that are made to be explored using a boat. Among them the most important and well known are the Grotta Azzurra (it can be visited by sea, Ed) and the Grotta dei Colombi, which can only be accessed by descending with ropes.

The first cave takes its name from the color of the water that dyes the rocks and walls with its reflections: its length of 60 meters gives to the tourists the opportunity to enter with small boats and observe not only its natural beauty but also, on the inner wall, a graceful stalactite shaped like a turtle stretching towards the sea.

Going on holiday on the Palmaria Island can be an incredible experience from every point of view: there are areas accessible only by sea but also places full of history able to lead you to the past. there are several military buildings standing out in particular : Conte di Cavour Fort or Forte Palmaria for example, now inaccessible because it is in a state of neglect and was a former milestone, is one of them and stands on top of the island like a silent guardian on the island. But there are the armored tower Umberto I (recently renovated and used in the past as a prison and now as a place for exposition, Ed) and the remains of the Albini battery scattered throughout the territory that together with the bunkers do not fail to attract the interest of the tourist that love contemporary history.

And for those interested in unusual adventures it is possible to visit the abandoned quarry of Pozzale, which was once used to extract the black marble, where the remains of the miners’ cranes and houses are still present: notwithstanding its surface is not excessively extended, Isola Palmaria is able to satisfy the tastes of any tourist, especially those who love the curious and almost incredible stories. An example? At the end of the ’60s cats were imported in the territory in a way so excessive that even today, due to the invasion they caused in the city of La Spezia, when colonies of cats are seen they are called the “cats of Palmaria”.

Anyone who loves maritime and natural tourism will be utterly satisfied with what Palmaria Island has to offer: it is in fact part of the Regional Natural Park of Portovenere and is separated from this beautiful location only by a sea arm about 100 meters wide. What can be observed, both by visiting the island by land or approaching it by sea, is how everything is still almost intact: this is one of the best feature of the whole area and one of the aspects that make it lovable, especially if approached from a boat equipped with all comforts. The small population of the island is more than capable of providing tourist needs for visitors, but living it by sea is a truly divine dream to live.

And in this it can help, with its service over the top, Sailing 5 Terre. It aims to give the tourist interested in starting their vacation in Isola Palmaria arriving from the sea an unforgettable experience from every point of view. Everything, if seen through the eye of a nautical approach, appears to be more colorful and exciting. And Sailing 5 Terre really offers customized solutions based on the needs of the potential customer, starting from the number of days that the same intends to book for his excursions and depending on the type of experience they want to experience.

This is why, to satisfy every tourist who wants to live the Palmaria Island on a boat, different packages are available. All thanks to Sailing 5 Terre, however, they can count on the pleasure of a luxury boat equipped with Wi-Fi: in this way the customer is able to stay connected continuously with the network and with the mainland world. And more: the services are perfected and dedicated depending on the type of formula chosen.

To meet the customer needs Sailing 5 Terre offers a payment deferred in two tranches: the first, corresponding to 50% of the total, is paid at the time of booking and the second, is paid 30 days before embarkation in an easy and fast way.

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