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Discover wonderful Portovenere by boat with our sailing trips

Portovenere is a dream to live to the fullest starting from an approach to the city done by boat: there is nothing better than arrive in this medieval village in the most wonderful and luxurious way. We are talking about a beautiful place almost untouched by the time that cannot wait to reveal its beauties to the souls able to understand them.

UNESCO World Heritage Site for several years by now, this town is located at the southern end of a peninsula part of the western shore of the Gulf of Poets (or Gulf of La Spezia) divided by the equally spectacular Palmaria Island by an arm of see just 100 meters wide. Portovenere is a tourist place known mainly for its beautiful beaches, bathed in blue and crystalline waters.

As soon as you step into it, it is impossible not to enjoy its historical and natural beauties. We must not forget that it is part of the homonym Regional Natural Park and for this reason protected because its flora and fauna. It is therefore suitable for anyone who wants to experience a holiday immersed in nature or history and it is able to give the best of himself if reached by sea with the help of a boat.

The history of Portovenere is among the most interesting in the area: it is in fact a very ancient fishing village, inhabited by indigenous populations since the fifth century BC. Its history became more animated with the fall of the Roman Empire and the arrival of the Byzantines, who made this place an important docking base. Its incredible natural exposure made Portovenere a victim of many attacks, especially by Saracens and Normans. It only reached some stability with the arrival of the Middle Ages and the subsequent eras until it became “famous” at the beginning of the twentieth century. Portofino became one of the most favorite tourist destination of the European noblemen of that time: it’s known the predilection of the English writer Lord Byron for it’s medieval street and its wonderful beaches.

Now Portovenere owes its fortune to the fame of “exclusive locality” that has been built over time and to the attraction it provokes in thousands of tourists and VIPs that allow the hotels to sell out every year. But it’s not only that: summer is for sure a time of public life and exposure for this magnificent town but even spring is able to attract everyone with its wonderful beaches. Its colors and its perfumes are a true enchanting spell that multiplies in power when approached by sea.

What could be more magnificent than living this town starting from a boat equipped with all the comforts that allows you to get off the ground to live the nightlife and at the same time to have magnificent views of the landscape during the day? Not only you can use your own “floating house” as a starting point for excursions that can take your breath away, but the boat can also be a perfect base for experiencing the traditions of this town. On 17th August, for example, there is the feast of the Madonna Bianca, a spectacular folklorist celebration from an aesthetic point of view: the festivities fill the village with garlands and flowers to welcome the procession of the statue of the Virgin. And what about the Byron Cup which includes a swim to the town of San Terenzio?

Portovenere, chiesa di San Pietro

Sailing 5 Terre, making available its flagship boat equipped with every comfort, allows the tourist who wants to fully experience Portovenere to 360 degrees the opportunity to do so without the slightest worry, letting them able to count on a whole series of services that could make the holiday on the boat an unforgettable experience. Starting from the opportunity to stay connected with relatives and friends thanks to Wi-Fi technology and giving to the tourist a way to be able to take advantage of a dedicated and over the top service depending on the type of package chosen.

Thanks to the long experience of Sailing 5 Terre, you can live the adventure that you have always dreamed of, letting yourself go between natural excursions and endless swims: the only thing that the tourist has to “take” with him is the desire to have fun and relax lulled by the crystal clear sea of ​​Portovenere.

This is possible because the luxury offered by Sailing 5 Terre was designed to be exploited to the best starting from the point of view of the payment, deferred in two tranches: the first, corresponding to 50% of the total has to be paid at the time of booking and the second had to be provided 30 days before embarkation.

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