Boat trip to Manarola, Cinque Terre. The most exciting town on Italian Riviera

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Boat trip to Manarola, Cinque Terre. The most exciting town on Italian Riviera

Enjoy the Cinque Terre will give to the tourist an incredible and unforgattable experience, especially if lived from the sea: its position, overhanging the water makes it a spectacle of nature particularly interesting and worth trying.

Sailing 5 Terre offers, with its luxury boat, everything that can help the tourist to live the holiday of their dreams, in a completely full optional and luxurious environment: an extraordinary opportunity to discover delicious town like Manarola, daughter of a village born on the rocks centuries ago and crossed by the “Path of love”. It’s a natural path that connects the Manarola with Riomaggiore, another charming town among Cinque Terre.

Boat trip to Manarola, Cinque Terre. The astonishing italian town

One of the strengths of Manarola is the relationship with the sea: Manarola is really astonishing and its natural harbor is practically defended by the rocky spurs that surround the town, making even the simple approach to villages a marvellous experience. If we add the classic tower-shaped houses and the green terraces surrounding the town, the spectacle in front of us is unrepeatable. Something really hard to forget.

Manarola is one of the most accessible towns that are part of the Cinque Terre: it is easily reachable by land, by boat and by rail. Like other locations, such as Vernazza, cars are not well accepted inside the medieval village and a specific car park has been built to allow visitors to leave their car outside the town and enjoy the city completely without problems of locomotion. The train is able to easily give access to the city center, as much as the boat that allows you to easily explore the fantastic coast of Manarola.

The tourist who decides to visit Manarola not only has the opportunity to explore an incredible glimpse of the Cinque Terre from the natural point of view, but can touch its millennial history, composed of many facets that deserve to be discovered.

The most important attraction of this village is represented by the Church of St. Lorence, patron of the town of Manarola: placed in the upper part of the city, it seems to observe the souls of his village with its austere face. Technically speaking, it is one of the most interesting examples of Genoese gothic, containing among other things a crucifix from the 1400s and a polyptych dedicated to the Madonna and the Saints.

But you cannot lose the “caruggi”, the narrow medieval streets that make Manarola one of the most beautiful cities of the Cinque Terre: walking in these suggestive streets, you can breathe the history of italian riviera. Just think of the “Mezzo” street, which leads directly to the sea and which was once the path of Groppo creek.

Other interesting places are the garden “Belvedere”, dedicated to italian poet Eugenio Montale, reachable from the homonymous street and the square with a monument dedicated to singer Fabrizio De Andrè. Manarola, however, is the town of the Cinque Terre most suitable for trekking lovers: it offers different paths of different difficulty, even if the most beautiful route is the “Love’s route” where it is possible to admire the rocks overhanging a crystalline sea and picturesque views of the Mediterranean.

The approach from the sea to the town is one of the best ways to get to know Manarola and its gulf, unique in its kind: we must not forget that the Cinque Terre, both for what concerns the terrestrial and maritime nature, are considered protected areas.

If this is the vacation you want to experience in Manarola, Sailing 5 terre is the perfect service to use for an incredible trip on the sea. The luxury boat can accommodate 4 people in 2 cabins with large double bed at the stern and all possible comfort and 2 people in the dinette with 2 sofas convertible into 2 single beds, with changes depending on the type of experience chosen. The services are at the top: you can take advantage of a bathroom with electric toilet, sink, shower and hot water in common and a Wi-Fi connection that allows you to stay connected to the mainland.

For the payment of the entire experience there is still an additional bonus: the customer has in fact the possibility of splitting the same into two parts, the first to be paid at the time of booking and the second one to 30 days after boarding.

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