Boat trip to Vernazza, Cinque Terre

A luxurious location for your holidays

Boat trip to Vernazza, Cinque Terre. A luxurious location for your holidays

Among the natural pearls that the Cinque Terre are able to offer, Vernazza deserves a very special mention: it is an ancient town, symbol of a maritime republic that no longer exists and at the same time an agglomeration whose nature is still able to leave you breathless.

Sailing 5 Terre, with its luxury boat, allows you to approach this area almost completely uncontaminated by the sea, making it possible for the tourist to experience the town with a different approach from the classic one, managing to mix the top of every holiday experience.

For more than a century, the Cinque Terre have been one of the most popular Italian destinations in Europe and worldwide for its crystal clear waters and coastline.

Boat trip to Vernazza, Cinque Terre. Discover the soul of italian towns

Vernazza it’s not only able to show all the beauty of natural promontories and gulfs, but can also fascinate you with ancient villages full of history and remained practically untouched compared to the past.

Vernazza in particular is at the top of the list of the most beautiful villages in Italy. And it is not difficult to understand why: anyone who wants to visit the town, will have to walk through its ancient streets enjoying historical monuments and typical architecture. His story, needless to say, has deep roots. The first official mention of Vernazza occurred in 1080: some documents report its naval and military base activities for the Obertenghi family, who at that time controlled the area, trying to protect the town from Saracen pirates who attacked it continuously by sea. The town found true peace only when the maritime republics of Genoa and Pisa stopped fighting.

Living this town from the sea is one of the most interesting choices that a tourist can make: crystal clear water and a full-featured boat allow anyone to enjoy a holiday at sea and at the same time.

You cannot lose the famous celebration known as “Pirate’s Party”: every year the date of this “party” changes, but it is always a suggestive and unforgettable experience. The inhabitants of Vernazza disguised as pirates and accompanied by a group of percussion called “Batebalengo” invade the city like Saracen pirates.

This town, part of the Unesco World Heritage, is so important for its history, but as previously mentioned also due to its uncontaminated nature, its typical Mediterranean flora and incredible marine fauna. If you want to touch with your hand this particular side, all you have to do is starting from the natural paths that allow you to reach it moving from the other agglomerates of the Cinque Terre. Some of them, like those that link it to Corniglia and Monterosso, are certainly challenging, but not difficult to execute. And one step after another allow the tourist to discover small villages like San Bernardino, through vineyards and olive groves.

One of the most interesting features of Vernazza is its composition: inside the main square it is possible to taste the soul of the city in a clear way. Its inhabitants often meet in the evening to spend time and “gossip” about what happened around them. And if the Castle of Doria remains one of the oldest testimonies of the important life of this urban area, we must not forget that access to Vernazza is particular and unless you want to take advantage of a daily pay parking, the most convenient way to reach it is by sea, then helping with the railway that crosses it.

Sailing 5 Terre offers this possibility, giving free access to the coast even to those who want to experience a more traditional holiday by choosing one of the two beaches of Vernazza to take the sun. The boat offered by the agency allows you to accommodate 4 people in 2 cabins with large double bed at the stern and all possible comfort and 2 people in the dinette with 2 sofas convertible into 2 single beds. The services are at the top: you can take advantage of a bathroom with electric toilet, sink, shower and hot water in common.

Perfect ingredients for an unforgettable dream holiday that the tourist can get through a payment deferred in two tranches: the first, corresponding to 50% of the total, must be paid at the time of booking while the second must be paid 30 days before embarkation .

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