Monterosso, Cinque Terre. A day trip on Italian Riviera

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Holiday trip in Monterosso, Cinque Terre. Discover the italian riviera

Among the magnificent towns that make up the Cinque Terre, Monterosso al Mare is a real tourist pearl that waits for nothing but to be visited by curious minds interested in history and nature. Thanks to the service offered by Sailing 5 Terre it is possible to start the great adventure of its discovery starting from the sea.

There is nothing better than starting from the crystalline waters of its natural gulf to be able to appreciate in all its beauty such a fascinating place to be part of the Unesco World Heritage: Monterosso al Mare is the westernmost part of the Cinque Terre and is protected by an artificial cliff that does not undermine its beauty but exalts it.

One of the peculiarities of this town is that it is composed of two souls, an older one that corresponds to the original village and a more “modern” represented by the fraction of Fegina, with a railway station able to maintain connected Monterosso with the rest of the region, and from which you can access an important tourist bathing facility, perfect for those who love the sun and relaxation.

Holiday trip in Monterosso, Cinque Terre. The truly italian riviera

The beaches, compared to the rest of the coasts that characterize the Riviera of the Cinque Terre, are more extensive, making it easier to exploit this strip of land that lived by the sea, on a boat, is able to give strong emotions and a unique experience: Sailing 5 Terre offers all its knowledge to offer the customer an unforgettable adventure, cradled by the waves and kissed by the rays of the sun. The village of Monterosso a Mare, among other things, is part of the Cinque Terre National Park and its coast is part of the “Cinque Terre” protected marine area: this means unspoiled nature and fauna perfect to fill the eyes and the heart of the more passionate tourists looking for a different experience.

Monterosso is not just nature to live, it is also history to appreciate and make its own thanks to its ancient village and its origins. Some historians argue that the first human settlement of the town occurred even before the Roman era: but some mention of its existence is reported around 643 and under the name of Albareto, due to its destruction by the Lombards. The official birth of Monterosso al Mare as it is still known happens in the ninth century, thanks to the recognition of the characteristic village built at the mouth of the Buranco torrent.

The ancient village that can still be visited, albeit with very few modifications, is the same that previously belonged to the possessions of the Obertenghi family and which then passed into the hands of the Fieschi Counts and then to the local Lagneto lords. Its particular location and its productions saw it become, together with the rest of the Cinque Terre, territory disputed by the Republic of Genoa and Pisa: the latter occupied Monterosso from 1241 to 1254, when it returned “Ligurian” to all effects becoming property of the captain of Levanto.

To memory of its history remain the castle and its walls that includes several towers, among which are still Aurora Tower, overlooking the sea and the one in front of the parish space of the church of St John Baptiste. The tourist who wants to experience Monterosso al Mare in its most important history can go to visit the area of ​​the Castle, which stands right in the Buranco valley and from there move to the discovery of its thousand souls.

For a while, Monterosso was in the hands of Napoleon Bonaparte until in 1815 it became part of the Kingdom of Sardinia first and then of the Kingdom of Italy since 1861. Recent history has seen it as a victim of floods twice , one in 1965 and one in 2011: in both cases the town has found the strength to rise again.

The town can obviously be reached by land: but reached across the sea, it’s very gorgeous. Sailing 5 Terre represents the excellence of the maritime tourist services of the area: its luxury boat offers the possibility not only to organize perfect excursions and reach the town from the sea, but also to give life to a wonderful holiday on the waterfront equipped of all the necessary comforts. A top experience, perfect for all those who love the sea and are willing to live it deeply without renouncing all the comforts that a perfectly equipped boat can offer. This luxurious boat is in fact equipped with Wi-Fi to stay connected to the world and a personalized service depending on the type of travel chosen.

Sailing 5 Terre offers to the potential customer a unique opportunity: a payment extended in two tranches. The first, corresponding to 50% of the total, to be paid at the time of booking and the second, to be given 30 days before boarding.

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