Sailing boat to Cinque Terre for an exclusive trip: a dream comes true

Our beautiful land blesses us with a lot of wonders and one of them is for sure Cinque Terre, a place that can give you unforgettable emotions and make you touch the sky with a finger. Five enchanting villages clinging to the hills overlooking the sea, narrow and picturesque alleyways and fairy tale wharves are only waiting to be discovered and experienced.

A surreal picture that is impossible to erase from the memory… a place that makes you fall in love at first sight. And if we add to all this a bit of adventure sailing on an elegant sailing boat to a real Heaven on Earth?

Reaching the Cinque Terre by the sea is the most wonderful thing you could wish for a holiday full of emotions, breathtaking views and crystal clear waters that will keep you company throughout the vacation.

A whole new way to admire their beauty, to experiencing the ancient seafaring tradition and to be enchanted by the sight of charming and characteristic spaces. Do you want to know more? Then you just have to find out later what we have for you…

The Cinque Terre: a perfect destination for an unforgettable sailing trip

We are going to guide you to the discovery of a land that offers to its visitors amazing surprises, to say the least. Attention: hearing them is not as exciting as living them, of course! The Cinque Terre are located in the province of La Spezia, between Punta Mesco and Punta di Montenero, where you five villages, one more beautiful than the last one.

Due to the particular geographical and anthropological characteristics of the territory in which they arise, they are considered among the most suggestive Italian coastlines. Their name comes from the fact that the villages in the past centuries were completely isolated from the surrounding land. Although each of one the five small cities can be reached by land thanks to the railway lines, enjoying their view by the sea is another wonderful story!

Approaching this corner of paradise on a sailboat you have the opportunity to attend a unique show, enjoying that kind of a landscape that until that moment you thought only existed in postcards.

This is certainly not the only emotion that a holiday like this is able to give you! Can you imagine how exciting could be the sight of dolphins, whales and other seafarers swimming near you, few miles from the coast?

The villages of the Cinque Terre

Once off of the boat and before turning your attention to the wonderful villages that characterize the Cinque Terre, try to not miss the chance to enjoy a romantic walk on the Via dell’Amore, of which e are sure you have already heard of: it is a fascinating path overlooking the sea that connects two of the five villages, Manarola and Riomaggiore.

Monterosso al Mare

Monterosso al Mare is the largest of the five cities and also the one that hosts the longest and most beautiful pebble beach.

This delightful village lies in a natural gulf and has a modern and an old part, connected by a short tunnel.


Corniglia is a village perched on a cliff about 100 meters high: to reach it you have to climb 377 steps. It is considered one of the most beautiful city in the world and If you love silence and peace, this is certainly the ideal place, inhabited by less than 200 souls but served very well with several bars, shops and restaurants.


Riomaggiore captures the gaze of his visitors showing them a wonderful scenery, composed by many colorful houses (all with a double entrance), overlooking the crystalline sea.


Vernazza has very narrow streets, small colored and magnificent houses on top of which stands a shrine of unforgettable beauty.


Manarola can certainly be considered the gem of the Liguria’s landscape and its name derives from the present of an old mill that you can still visit if you want.

There is so much to see between spectacular urban views and breathtaking natural views that deserve to be admired at least once in life, don’t you think? Let’s not forget we are talking about places that have inspired great poets and singers, including Eugenio Montale.

Travel on the Sun Odissey49i to the Cinque Terre: a unique experience

I’m sure you are thinking: “This is really a dream vacation, but on a sailboat will i have all the comforts I’m used to when I stay in hotel?” It’s a legit doubt but we are happy to put your mind at ease, describing what you will find on our exclusive Sun Odissey49i, a boat ready to let you discover the wonders of the Cinque Terre from a completely new perspective.

The only thing you will need is the desire not to keep your feet on the ground and spend your days be guided through and by the wind and the waves. We will take care of everything, accompanying you through UNESCO sites and National Natural Parks seen, for the first time, by the sea.

As soon as you get on board you will find waiting for you all the comforts you need, in addition to a magical atmosphere we are sure you will instantly love. A 15 meters long sailboat equipped with luxury you usually find only on a boat over 20 meters long.

You will learn the first notions of navigation thanks to our expert commander, who will show you how simple it is to maneuver this big modern boat even with a small crew. It’s not a coincidence that our Sun Odissey was designed to reach very distant routes and great speed, assuring to you the   maximum comfort both on the sea and in port.

On board you will find a large kitchen complete with all the necessary accessories, 1 electric bathroom with shower, sink and hot water, 2 cabins with double bed and a spacious dinette with 2 sofas that turn into 2 single beds.

To make your trip even more pleasant, in every room has been added a satellite TV system, free Wi-Fi and ventilation system (hot / cold).

Take a look at this short video to get a taste of what is waiting for you: we are sure you will decide to leave for your unforgettable holiday in the Cinque Terre as soon as possible.

Booking method

Have you already chosen the departure date for your long and relaxing holiday in one of the most beautiful and suggestive places in Liguria or do you prefer to give yourself and your family a short and intense weekend?

Whatever your decision is, you should know that you can choose between:

  • A cruise of one or more weeks
  • Normal and exclusive weekends
  • Daily and exclusive trip
  • Half day trip.

Here you will find many other useful information to help you organizing your trip on a sailing boat… we are ready to sail and we are waiting for you!

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