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Holiday with sailing boat to Cinque Terre. Enjoy your sailing trip

The Cinque Terre Coast and Portovenere are a magnificent strip of Liguria, on italian riviera, suspended between sea and land where you can explore the Gulf of Poets, and enjoy an exclusive holiday with sailing boat to cinque terre. Our day trips, or weekly sailing trips let you discover the five astonishing villages of Portovenere, with departure from La Spezia.

An almost untouched part of the Ligurian italian riviera (The so called, Gulf of poets) area that with its villages and its cliffs overlooking the sea offers a unique tourist experience. Since 1997 a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Cinque Terre contain an ancient history and modern entertainment waiting for them to be discovered by sailing trip.

Observing its steep rocks carefully you discover that the entire coast is dotted with hidden beaches and enchanting bays to explore, accessible through scenic trails that already alone can conquer the hearts of those who beat them to reach the sea.

With our service, you can book an exclusive holiday with sailing boat to Cinque Terre

Its day trip itineraries can be traveled on foot or by boat tour: in any case, the holiday in the Cinque Terre will prove unforgettable. This area, however, is not simply a dream tourist destination: it is a natural spectacle molded patiently by time and by the hand of men. Just think of the houses built overlooking the sea, the traditional dry stone walls that create a colorful wall with incredible aesthetic impact: we speak of a unique and inimitable place for a sailing boat, whose beauty is not the result of brochures but is tangible with hand and visible to all .

Holiday with sailing boat to Cinque Terre: discover the marvellous italian riviera

During our holiday with sailing boat to Cinque terre, you will discover that the most interesting feature of the italian riviera, and  Cinque Terre coast, is to be formed not only by breathtaking views but also by medieval villages remained untouched over time. Just think of Corniglia, erected on a majestic cliff: it is the only country almost impossible to reach from the sea because it is connected in just two ways to the “mainland”: the 377 steps of Lardarina and the road that leads from the railway to the country. Difficulties that are forgiven immediately once you are inside where, between the Gothic Catedral of St. Peter and Taragio lake you get lost in the beauty of an urban center that has never changed over time and still capable after centuries of gasping for breath.

During your holiday you will discorver the marvellous town on the italian riviera

Portovenere is not far behind: a medieval village in the heart of gulf of poets, built by the Genoese on the ancient remains of a port dating back to the Roman age that still keeps intact inside a pleasant mix of austerity and suggestion typical of those ancient places.

During the boat tour, it is impossible not to think about the Roman triremes that during the life of the Empire left for Gaul and Spain, but at the same time it is easy to see how this little port had become around the 11th century the “bulwark of Genoa” in the Tyrrhenian Sea, one of the key points of the Maritime Republic with its fortresses and its houses, close to each other like a hug.

This was the period in which the Castle was erected, which can still be visited during our sailing trip, if one has the ability to escape the romantic and picturesque view of the carruggi and of the small Church of St. Peter, located on the promontory.

The church of St. Peter, on the promontory overlooking the sea

Porto Venere and the Cinque Terre are not only ideally joined by the paradisiac glimpses but also by the path n ° 1 that connects them and that gives way to enjoy, on one occasion, the traditional beauty of both places.

Discover the Ligurian Gulf of Poets with a luxurious sailing trip

And there is no better way to experience these two places on italian riviera, than a holiday with sailing boat to Cinque terre, through the itineraries offered by Sailing 5 Terre. A perfect sailing boat experience from every point of view that allows you to experience in a day trip , an important adventure to discover two jewels of Liguria thanks to routes designed specifically to leave an indelible memory.

All this, using boats designed to give maximum comfort with highly customizable solutions. The offer of Sailing 5 terre provides in fact the possibility to book tours in the area for special occasions such as birthdays and holidays, or to spend a dream holiday by boat taking advantage of the company fleet, with boats suitable to accommodate up to 12 people for a whole week. The departure from the Port of La Spezia allows an easy boarding regardless of its origin and the chosen formulation.

The day sailing trip offered by Sailing 5 terre is the top of the range of boat tours, also for what concerns the administrative aspect of the day trip: highly specialized staff takes care of the management of the practices, allowing, depending on the case, the achievement of the most suitable solution for the customer. This is what makes the company the perfect interlocutor not only for discovering the Cinque Terre and Portovenere area for a pleasure trip but also for the organization to turn to if you want to experience a romantic honeymoon in the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Organizing the adventure of your dreams has never been easier: the payment for all sailing boat, is equally distributed for 50% at the time of booking and for the additional 50% to 30 days before embarking and you can get a quick quote by contacting Sailing 5 lands through the appropriate form on the site.

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