Enjoying Liguria on a sailing boat: find out the most fascinating destinations

If you have not already planned your next summer holidays, we suggest you to try a series of fascinating itineraries in Liguria to find out how exciting can be spending time in the sea on a wonderful sailing cruise. You sure know that Liguria can be considered one of the most popular Italian tourists’ destinations both in summer and in winter, right?

When you have the opportunity to experimenting a wonderful sea, a luxuriant nature and many unique landscapes, how can you not want to visit it at least once in your life? We are talking about a land enclosed between the mountains and the sea, full of fabulous villages located on the coast and in the inland hinterland between rocks and hills. In few words the perfect place for everyone, and most of all for those looking both for beautiful beaches and wonderful villages full of history.

Reaching it on board a sailboat will make this experience even more unique and unforgettable because you have the opportunity to admire it from a whole new perspective… from the sea.

Are you curious to find out what is in store for you with our elegant and powerful Sun Odissey 49i, equipped with every comfort? It won’t make you regret regret your choice.

Just keep on reading and then choose and book the excursion you like the most.

Why visit Liguria on a sailing boat

There are so many reasons to indulge in an unforgettable holiday on a boat: it gives you the opportunity to organize the holiday of your dreams, satisfying your every desires. Do you prefer an intimate, relaxing or adventurous holiday? You only have to ask and prepare yourself to enjoy the beautiful natural treasures Liguria offers to you.

Sailing allows you to explore the less traveled areas and discover all the real “gems” hidden in the Liguria’s heart: something you can do only if you reach it by the sea. Close your eyes for a moment and imagine what is waiting for you: incredible views of the water, breathtaking landscapes that surround you while the waves of the sea cradle you gently and incessantly.

Do you know what all this means? Whatever you want to do it’s already there waiting for you, just like you’ve always imagined, and presented to you by a real sea expert who just waits to let you discover everything.

As soon as you have set foot on the boat you will feel like a different person, one who will stop watching for a moment the mainland that is still holding back their stress and daily worries, just to look at the sea and feel ready to enjoy a perfect vacation.

It is a wonderful and unique adventure of its kind: you don’t need to have a sailing past: what is important to enjoy this kind of experience is having a little bit of love for the sea.

This experience could become an excellent opportunity to learn the art of sailing, guided by a commander of great experience and ready to transmit the many emotions experienced during all his life.

The wonderful Liguria’s places to discover on a sailing boat

Sailing holidays are no longer a luxury that only VIPs can afford… you just need to desire the sun, the sea, the wind and to desire to make your dreams come true.

And believe us, there are so many beautiful places that wait for you in Liguria to choose from, just to giving you exciting days that you will not ever forget.

Think about the magnificent sight offered, for example, by the Cinque Terre… it will leave you literally breathless, with its glimpses of rare beauty that become even more striking when viewed from the sea.

And once again, just stop for a moment to think about the emotions the wonderful Portovenere is waiting to give you., this enchanting town famous for its many beauties, such as the old castle, the ancient houses and churches and the picturesque caves.

That’s not all, because with us you have the chance to see many other beautiful places in Liguria, like:

  • The Riviera dei Fiori, where you are spoiled by the choice on the amazing places you can visit;
  • The Riviera delle Palme, an ideal destination for outdoor enthusiasts and good food lovers;
  • Genoa, a marvelous city of art overlooking the sea and grown in a natural inlet that still preserves a very interesting history;
  • The Gulf of Tigullio with a lot of wonderful cities in it like Portofino, Sestri Levante and Santa Margherita Ligure;
  • The Gulf of the Poets that will allow you to experience the thrill of landing in Portovenere, the jewel village praised by several great poets of the past.

Can you imagine how could it be to reach these wonderful places directly by the sea and after enjoying a journey of complete relax on our Sun Odissey? You can create your ideal boat vacation yourself!

It doesn’t matter if it’s a day trip, a weekend one or one of a week or more, what we are suggesting to you is the chance to fully enjoy the sea life, but experiencing all sorts of comfort while staying on our wonderful boat!

A sailing holiday characterized by elegance and comfort.

The Sun Odissey 49ì is a powerful and elegant 15 meter-long offshore boat equipped with all you can find in a boat of over 20 meters. It is conceived to go farther and faster, offering to its guests the maximum comfort both when on board and when in the port.

That’s right and if you want to enjoy a true holiday by the sea you’ll be literally amazed at what you’ll find inside:

  • A large kitchen equipped with 4 burners, gas and microwave oven, a coffee and cappuccino maker, a fridge with double doors, an electric barbecue a freezer and two gas dolls;
  • A large dinette with two sofas that can be converted into two single beds
  • Two cabins for 4 people with double beds, wardrobes and various cabinets
  • Chart table
  • 1 electric bathroom with shower and sink
  • Leather interior
  • Safety equipment without limits
  • Wet suits, masks and fins for fantastic sea excursions
  • Conditioned air
  • 4 LCD TV with HDTV and Sky HD
  • Computer with internet connection
  • Satellite telephone and fax, printer and scanner
  • Dolby bose plant
  • Heating.

This incredible and elegant sailboat can be like a 5 stars mini hotel for you, your family and friends, with a skipper ready to pamper you while you enjoy baths, dips, lots of sun and good food.

And don’t forget the sea, able to give you emotions that you can only enjoy if you live them on your skin.

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