Sailing trip from La spezia

Cinque Terre sailing trip from La spezia. Enjoy boat tour on italian coast

Cinque Terre sailing trip from La spezia is a perfect choice for those who are looking for the best boat tour in Liguria, on the Cinque Terre coast, where to enjoy breathtaking natural views like villages of Portovenere, Gulf of poets, Palmaria Island, and other places in italian riviera. With our sailing boat you can have a superb day trip.

It is no coincidence that they have become a very popular destination for tourists from all over the world for a day trip, who every year come together to discover their authentic natural treasures.

But that’s not all, because thanks to this Cinque Terre sailing trip from La spezia, you can enjoy the beautiful crystalline sea of the Cinque Terre coast, the valuable architectural evidence and a network of paths among the richest and most enviable in Liguria and all Mediterranean areas.

Enjoy an exclusive Cinque Terre sailing trip from La Spezia: a unique boat tour on marvellous italian coast

It is not easy to describe in a few words the beauties of a boat tour in Cinque Terre and Portovenere.

First of all you can admire the entire “Gulf of Poets“, a land that goes from Porto Venere to Lerici, two splendid towns of the Riviera di Levante where in the center is La Spezia, the heart of the Gulf. In the landscape of the Italian riviera, there are villages of sea, churches and medieval castles on the sea, sandy beaches and pastel-colored houses.

A marvellous view of the Gulf of Poets, where you can find exclusive destinations like Portovenere, a real pearl of Liguria

During your day sailing, you will see the island of Palmària at the western end of the Gulf of La Spezia: it is the largest island of the Archipelago.

The 5 villages reachable by sailing boat in a day trip, that characterize this Cinque Terre sailing trip from La spezia, have something magical, starting from Monterosso on the Sea, full of astonishing alleyways, where in the small historic center stands the Church of St John Baptist and a wonderful beach invites its visitors to dive into the crystal clear waters of the sea.

Immediately afterwards, we can discover by boat tour, Vernazza, the most colorful village of the Cinque Terre coast, characterized by delightful red and pink houses, green little doors and lots of characteristic little places.

An astonishing sailing trip in Liguria: from Gulf of Poets to Portovenere and Palmaria Island

And here is Corniglia, the third marvelous village in Liguria, completely surrounded by vineyards, which can be reached by climbing 377 steps.

Among a series of visions so fascinating, you reach Manarola, another picturesque village surrounded by olive trees that stands on a narrow and long cliff.

The scenery that this village offers during your day sailing is unique, in fact it is just when night falls that you can enjoy one of the most beautiful sunsets ever seen!

Just two kilometers from Manarola, in the heart of italian riviera and Gulf of Poets, you arrive at the last village of the Cinque Terre: Riomaggiore, known mainly for its Via dell’Amore (Love’s Way), a romantic walk that goes down to the sea at a height of 50 meters.

During this Cinque Terre sailing trip from La Spezia, we can reach the 5 best locations of the ligurian riviera.

A place that enchants for its medieval houses, the beach and the delightful marina.

And it does not end here … waiting for tourists during their boat tour, there are fabulous landscapes, pristine beaches and paths immersed in nature, which invite you to daydream, experiencing a relaxing and unforgettable experience on the Cinque Terre coast!

During this Cinque Terre sailing trip from La spezia, the experience to reach Portovenere from the sea is perhaps one of the most exciting things you can do in life.

Only in this way, in fact, it is possible to admire, during your day trip, the majestic rocky cliffs that fall overhanging into the clear waters of the sea, to then see the Romanesque church of St. Peter.

Getting to this enchanted place with a sailing boat at sunset, makes everything even more impressive, because in this way you can fully appreciate one of the most beautiful buildings in the Mediterranean.

The boat tour in Portovenere offers its visitors one of the most suggestive walks of the Riviera del Levante in Liguria, to be enjoyed together with the many architectural treasures of the Cinque Terre coast.

And even more exciting in your day sailing, will be the visit to the cave of Arpaya, which is accessed through a steep staircase that goes down between the rocks, and then reach, climbing the steps of another staircase, the churchyard of the ancient church of St Lawrence and even more on the castle of the Doria which closes the route of the walls of Portovenere.

Our boat trip allows to discover wonderful and uncontaminated destinations

What could make a holiday, a weekend or a short trip to the Cinque Terre unforgettable, if not a boat trip? A truly unique experience, without giving up all the comforts!

Here are some useful information that will allow sailboat travel enthusiasts to realize this dream and be able to live a gorgeous day trip!

Book your boat tour on the italian riviera

We organize the best Cinque Terre sailing trip from La spezia, to discover the wonders of italian riviera, Liguria and beyond, making available to its travelers a beautiful sailing boat equipped with every comfort.

As soon as you get on board, in fact, you will have the feeling of being in a like 5-star floating hotel during all Gulf of Poets trip!

There is nothing missing on the powerful and elegant Sun Odyssey 49i, a marvelous 49 ft long offshore boat equipped with all kinds of equipment and comfort for a top level boat tour.

This is our Sun Odyssey 49i, a luxury sailing boat for your day trip on italian riviera

From the modern furnishings, to the 2 wc accessorised, to the conditioned ventilation system, to the satellite TV system, to the free wi-fi in every room and to the multi-accessory kitchen, what more can you ask for your super-comfortable holiday? And all of this without charge any service fees!

Whether it’s a day sailing or a whole week of vacation dedicated to discovering the beautiful italian rivera, this Cinque Terre sailing trip from La spezia, will give you the thrill of seeing them directly from the sea, enjoying incredible views in total relaxation.

The departure is scheduled from the port of La Spezia in the Cinque Terre coast, and the number of participants varies depending on the chosen trip. Here you can find many valuable tips from the captain to surf relaxed and in complete safety.

Why fall back on the usual cruise, albeit beautiful and magical, if you have the opportunity to experience a different adventure, in the italian riviera?

Just a simple click to book and go to one of the most beautiful destinations in Italy and the world!


  • Sebastian says:

    last summer I booked a long weekend on a sailing boat with 3 other friends to see the Cinque Terre. It was an incredible experience because it was the first time we a sailing trip. Nothing was missing and it seemed to be on one of those huge cruise ships where you find everything and more.

    The Cinque Terre are the best of italian riviera, beautiful and even before you touch the ground you can breathe a simply magical atmosphere, in liguria.

    We certainly could not miss the visit of the five famous villages like portovenere, corniglia and gulf of poets, one more enchanting than the other. We were pleasantly impressed with the colors of nature mixed with those of the typical houses of the place.

    And since we could not wait to dive into the beautiful crystal clear waters, we took the opportunity to admire the wonderful backdrops…what a thrill !! Congratulations to all the staff of Sailing 5 Terre for the courtesy, availability and excellent holiday with sailing boat to marvellous cinque terre

  • Edgar says:

    For our 25th wedding anniversary, I wanted to give my wife a special gift, a whole week on a sailing boat for us, with destination the Cinque Terre, one of the places that she loves so much and where she dreamed of go as a child.
    I booked the holiday on the site of Sailing 5 Terre, asking first if there was availability in Liguria or Portovenere, right in the period in which we had to celebrate our anniversary and I was promptly satisfied. I spent one of the most romantic and beautiful weeks of my life on italian riviera, with unforgettable moments during our day trip, and my wife, despite having a little fear of sailing, could not believe her eyes. During the sailing trip we relaxed in the sun, pampered and drinking excellent fruit cocktails, preparing delicious dishes on board and enjoying the beauty of the sea, waiting to reach our destination.
    I thought that only in hotels or luxury residences could we find many comforts and instead I have to change my mind! Reached the Cinque Terre we had a lot of time available to visit its many natural wonders and stop in the five small villages, Corniglia my favourite, one more beautiful than the other. A heartfelt thanks to the staff for helping me to give my sweet half an unforgettable emotion.

  • Louise says:

    Finally, after a long time I was able to indulge in a long day of relaxation to have a sailing trip to Cinque Terre, which I had dreamed so much to see. I booked my sailing trip to enjoy my boat tour and I had a great time. A really comfortable and super-equipped boat made the trip even more pleasant, allowing me to discover one of the most beautiful places in Liguria. I visited in particular Manarola and Corniglia, two of the five villages where time seems to have stopped and where natural and architectural wonders emerge in every corner. I thank the crew and the commander for this experience, really competent people, friendly and helpful.

  • Simon says:

    I love to travel and see new places every year and thanks to Sailing 5 Terre, I could organize an exclusive and unique weekend with my two sisters, booking the boat trip to enjoy a few days of relaxation in Portovenere.

    And who imagined finding so many comforts on a sailboat! It seemed to be in the hotel and we had a great time on our sailing trip. How to tell the beauty of Portovenere seen from the sea? A unique vision that has left us speechless. As soon as we arrived we allowed ourselves a short culinary stop to taste the delicacies of the place, but the rest of the weekend we dedicated it entirely to discovering as much as we could of this place.

    Enchanting the cave of the Arpaya, the Church of San Lorenzo and the Castello dei Doria. I can only congratulate all the staff for the organization and the service received.

  • Maurice&Brittany says:

    I had already been to the Cinque Terre, but never traveling on a sailboat and I must say that it is an experience that I would do again. I am a person who loves a lot of comfort and when my girlfriend proposed me this type of holiday, at the beginning I was a bit skeptical.

    She organized everything, booking for the sailing trip last September and I was pleasantly surprised by the many comforts made available to us.

    Air conditioning, wi-fi in every room, even two wc, I did not feel the lack of elegant hotels that I’m used to when I go on vacation.

    It was an unforgettable week that we enjoyed in one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited.

    After a brief stop in the five villages that I already knew, we spent most of the time doing healthy trekking, since here there are many paths that allow it, one more striking than the other.

    Really crazy the blue trail, long enough but really enchanting and full of fabulous views. Naturally, we could not forget a romantic walk on the Way of Love. Congratulations to the staff for the reception and organization.

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