Boat tour holidays in Portofino: find out how to make them unforgettable

Portofino is one of the most enchanting destinations of the Italian peninsula, a magical place with an extra gear, thanks to its mild climate in all seasons and the magnificent landscapes that it offers to its visitors.

If you have already dreamed of spending few days in this marvelous town, a maritime village loved by celebrities and placed in an inlet in the Gulf of Tigullio, just know that you can make your holiday even more beautiful by living it on a sailing boat.

On our exclusive Sun Odissey you will find, waiting for you, comfort, elegance and an atmosphere able to make you daydream.

Let’s debunk the belief that only the people part of the international jet set can afford to get to such exclusive places on yacht.

The characteristic pastel-colored houses that surround the famous Piazzetta are longer a place reserved only for VIPs and rich figures: anyone who loves beauty will be able to enjoy this little Heaven on Earth and feel like a star in their own way.

And among these stars, here you are: you can make your dreams come true, even if you are not an experienced sailor and do not earn as much money as Flavio Briatore or the richest man in the United Arab Emirates.

Keep on follow us and we will be happy to show you how you can fully enjoy the beauty of Portofino, admiring them from the sea without giving up exclusive services and amenities.

What to see in Portofino, Liguria’s pearl

It’s our duty to tell you what you can visit once in Portofino, Liguria’s Pearl, when you land to the coast… coming from the sea. The town is located in an inlet of the Gulf of Tigullio, a strip of land hidden by the nature between Santa Margherita Ligure and Camogli.

The view of the Piazzetta di Portofino is enchanting: you practically are on a terrace overlooking the sea and this is only the beginning! From here you can quickly reach the Church of San Giorgio, from whose parvis you can see the coasts and the bay.

Places of Portofino

Imagine a small village formed by a natural harbor, where you find yourself enveloped in a surreal atmosphere, inebriated by its aromas and flavors: this is it’s magic, appreciated by with millions of tourists from all over the world.

And how many other beautiful places you can visit in Portofino! The splendid Brown castle, built around 1000 a. C, is located in the center of the homonyms bay, surrounded by the most exclusive villas, all belonging to famous people.

From the top of this ancient structure, surrounded by a Mediterranean garden full of flowers and plants, you can enjoy a spectacular view. The castle is, in fact, on a promontory from which is possible to observe the entire village.

The Lighthouse of Portofino is another place worth visiting: it rises above the sea and offers a breathtaking view of the village and the gulf. And you should not miss the opportunity to walk on the path that leads from Portofino to the Bay of San Fruttuoso di Camogli, where you can find an elegant Abbey set between the sea and the mountains.

If you are a fan of diving, you should definitely pay a visit to the Christ of the Abyss, a bronze statue immersed in the crystalline waters of the sea, surrounded by a breathtaking marine vegetation.

From the sailboat you can also enjoy the incredible view of Punta Chiappa, a “tongue” of bare rock stretching out to sea. Do you know that here you can visit the smallest port in the world? It’s called Porto Pidocchio and from it you could have the opportunity to witness, if you are lucky, whales passing by.

Looks also count so, after having done a real “feast of” beauties with your eyes, let your stomach enjoy the delicious meals of Portofino too. The charming Trattoria Spadin, that you can reach even by the sea, is located few meters from the backwash: it will conquer your heart and taste buds with its fresh fish and its wonderful recipes.

An unforgettable holiday in Portofino on a sailboat

Portofino is a destination that can be reached easily by car or even by plane, but the most characteristic way to admire it’s beauty is reaching it by the sea.

We are suggesting you to do one of the most beautiful experiences, alone or not, to fully enjoy fabulous views and places otherwise unreachable: imagine only for a moment to find yourself in a small and elegant Hotel, equipped with every comfort, that sways gently on the sea giving you wonderful views and relax. Add to all this long swims in the deep blue Liguria’s waters and endless sun baths, stretched out with your eyes closed on a luxurious sailboat … Do you think is there a more beautiful holiday?

We are not extra when we say to you that this kind of experience can truly mark heart giving you the possibility to open your mind and your soul to the beauty and the pleasure of a holiday that seems to come from a magical time. This is a new way to spend days in complete relax, something that allow you to enjoy the marine life on the exclusive Sun Odissey49i, equipped with everything you need.

What you will find on our sailboat

Here’s what our sailboat has in store for you if you want to enjoy your unforgettable holiday in Portofino (alone, with your family or with your closest friends):

  • Modern furnishings
  • 2 aft cabins with a double bed
  • 1 dinette with two sofa beds (single)
  • 1 equipped bathroom
  • Conditioned air (hot / cold)
  • Satellite TV system in every environment
  • Free Wi-Fi in all rooms
  • Super-equipped kitchen.

The commander is waiting for you on his elegant sailboat 15 meters long, to guide you to a unique landscape only waiting to be discovered with his incredible blue sea.

Tours available to discover Portofino

You can choose the tour you like the most that includes Portofino as destination: a day trip, a short or long weekend or a weektraveling on a sailing boat all the time! It starts from the port of La Spezia and if you like the idea, you can book trekking excursions, to make your adventure even more exciting.

How many people Sun Odissey49i can host

Here some other useful details to help you organizing your holiday in Portofino, whether it is short or long one:

  • for one-day trips the maximum number of participants is 14
  • for the weekend – long weekend and week, the maximum number of participants is 4 + 1.

No more excuses: now you know you can make your dreams of visiting this wonderful Silurian city come true organizing the most incredible and unforgettable holiday.

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